The Rivera Progeny


I caught up with the Bronx Democratic County Organization’s chairman and amateur videographer Jose Rivera at the Columbus Day parade in the Bronx yesterday.

He reminded me and a few parade-watchers at one point that “Columbus did not do it by himself. He needed Queen Isabella and her treasury.”

Sensing a metaphor, I asked him about some other people who got some career help from a powerful patron: his children, City Council Majority Leader Joel Rivera and Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera.

“They have to state their case, and go and run and get votes,” he said. “They’re very feisty, outspoken. They do work for it on their own.”

I asked him who was the better politician.

He didn’t answer directly, but said Naomi “is more like me. She’s spunky. She’s feisty.” Joel, he noted “is more of a gentleman.”

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— Azi Paybarah The Rivera Progeny