The Side His Bread is Buttered On

In keeping with recent form, Sheldon Silver lavished praise on Eliot Spitzer at a speech before the Association for a Better New York this morning, but he dodged a question afterwards about whether he has spoken with the Attorney General about keeping his job come January.

“It is something that I have discussed with my members, my Democratic members, who are the ones who will elect the next speaker,” he said. “I hope to be their choice.”

And in a parting shot at the man Spitzer is poised to replace, Silver mocked the infamous July 4, 2004, press conference at which Governor Pataki laid the cornerstone of the Freedom Tower –only to have it moved it two years later when construction actually began.

“It seems to me that in the rush to lay the cornerstone for the Freedom Tower, in the rush for the photo op, we lost our focus,” he said. “Every achievement we celebrated unraveled.”

— Matthew Schuerman

The Side His Bread is Buttered On