The Times and Fossella


So how much impact will the Times endorsement of Democratic challenger Stephen Harrison over Rep. Vito Fossella actually have?

On one hand, the language of the endorsement could hardly have been stronger.

“Mr. Fossella has offered only lame excuses for improperly using his campaign funds for skiing holidays in Vail (including lessons and equipment), as well as vacations in Florida,” the Times wrote. Harrison, by contrast, has a “good command of the issues” and “keen intelligence,” according to the Times.

On the other hand, it was hardly the sort of surprising development likely to shake up this race, which hasn’t been competitive enough to merit much in the way of public polling. As one consultant I talked to noted, “Anybody who listens to the Times wasn’t voting for Fossella anyway.”

Fossella, for his part, seems to agree: He didn’t show up for the editorial board meeting.

— Azi Paybarah

The Times and Fossella