Top Non-Profit Broker Dies

Arlene Wysong, a leading commercial real estate broker, died today of lung cancer. She was 66.

Wysong was the co-director of the non-profit division at Colliers ABR. In her 23-year career, she brokered lease deals totaling $1 billion.

At a time when non-profits are panicking with how to keep a presence in the city, Wysong was a champion for the little person’s cause.

Of her many celebrated moments (including the 100,000 square feet she brokered for Planned Parenthood on 33rd Street), her deal securing 70,000 square feet for the YMCA at 125 West 14th street may be her most remembered. The deal was a runner-up for the Real Estate Board of New York’s Ingenious Deal of the Year.

“Arlene was a champion of the underdog and a fierce competitor,” said David Lebenstein, her business partner at Colliers. “You could appreciate what a challenge she faced when you’re a charity with limited funds and she guarded their money like it was her own. She fought for every last penny for them.”

– John Koblin

Top Non-Profit Broker Dies