Warren Anders Kullanger-Axelman

Aug. 2, 2006

10:11 a.m.

6 pounds, 11 ounces

Brooklyn Hospital

Strike a (pint-sized) pose! Allison Miller, 28, a freelance fashion stylist, and Jakob Kullanger-Axelman, 31, a Swedish freelance photographer, have a new fair-skinned, strawberry-blond little model who looks like a million bucks in his American Apparel matching sweats and hoodie. “That’s my favorite look for him,” said Ms. Miller, who’s a bit strapped balancing work and breastfeeding. “I have to carry my hand pump in my bag when I’m running around the city,” she said. “It’s really a challenge.” The couple is tag-teaming childcare, planning a Swedish wedding sometime next summer and bunking down with little Warren in an East Williamsburg two-bedroom, where he’s utterly mesmerized by their vintage curtains. “I would never have guessed that would have been his favorite pastime,” Mom said.

Warren Anders Kullanger-Axelman