Westchester’s Marriage Question

Westchester’s Nick Spano recently became the first Republican State Senator to express support [link added] for gay marriage, putting him at odds with majority leader Joe Bruno and his Republican colleagues.

But Spano argues that only a Republican can talk sense to Republicans, and that he’d make an effective catalyst for change inside the State Senate.

“I would be an effective voice in a senate majority conference that needs to hear voices of reason sometimes,” Spano said. “I have moved the Senate with my voice, with members who very often were not as sympathetic to issues of marriage equality, gay rights and ending discrimination.”

The Empire State Pride Agenda seems to have been moved, and gave their endorsement to Spano over his Democratic opponent Andrea Stewart-Cousins. They were apparently less convinced by her argument that she looks “forward to participating in a dialogue concerning whether these unions should be labeled ‘marriage.'”

–Azi Paybarah

Westchester’s Marriage Question