When John Spencer Says You’re A Loose Cannon…

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Not willing to let a bad story die quietly, John Spencer took a swipe at Ben today for quoting him suggesting that Hillary Clinton had plastic surgery.

Referring back to the denial strategy I thought he abandoned, Spencer told The Resident that Ben’s article “was a total fabrication and a bold-faced lie.”

The best part though, is the name-calling:

Spencer said Smith had previously portrayed him unfairly when he was writing for the New York Observer. “But I didn’t say anything about it,” he said. “I just read it and said, ‘This guy must be a loose cannon or something, I don’t know.'”

Yeah. Ben’s a loose cannon.

— Azi Paybarah

NOTE: This post, which is about an argument over accuracy in reporting, has been corrected. It originally said that Spencer was quoted saying that Hillary Clinton “needs plastic surgery.” It has now been changed to reflect more accurately what Ben reported, which is that Spencer suggested that both Hillary Clinton and Jeanine Pirro had had “work” done to improve their looks. Spencer was not quoted using the words “plastic surgery” or suggesting that Hillary still needs it.

When John Spencer Says You’re A Loose Cannon…