$170,000 and Counting

Earlier today, Alan Hevesi put $90,000 in an escrow account at the request of Eliot Spitzer’s office, which is in the course of looking into how much Hevesi should reimburse the state for his wife’s travel expenses. That’s on top of the nearly $83,000 Hevesi has already paid to the state.

One of the things in dispute seems to be around the number of state employees involved in the chauffeuring arrangement.

In a statement from “the personal office Alan Hevesi,” the comptroller said the money was sent after the AG’s office reviewed records for “a driver.” [statement after the jump]

The State Ethics Commission said that more than one driver was used to chauffeur Mrs. Hevesi.

A spokesman for Spitzer’s office, Juanita Scarlett, confirmed they received the check, but said, “We do not comment on ongoing inquiries.” Hevesi’s office referred all questions to the lawyers representing the comptroller, who declined to answer anything.

— Azi Paybarah

Alan Hevesi:

On Wednesday evening, November 1, 2006, the Office of the State Comptroller delivered to the Office of the New York State Attorney General certain records that help establish when a driver in question was physically at his work station and when he was not. Under New York State law, any fiduciary has the burden of keeping accurate records to demonstrate the disposition of funds. If he does not, there could be a cause of action for sums of which there is no documentation. As a result of its preliminary review, the Office of the Attorney General has made a demand to the Comptroller for an additional $90,000 to be held in escrow. The Comptroller delivered a check in that amount to the Office of the Attorney General today pending final resolution of this matter.

$170,000 and Counting