A Few Questions

How long does Alan Hevesi have to enjoy his victory, if he wins?

How long does it take Republicans to get out the knives for state chairman Stephen Minarik? Who will replace him?

How many votes will decide this year’s rematch between Nick Spano and Andrea Stewart-Cousins?

Does John Sweeney hold on? Or does he lose today because of the national Democratic surge? Or because of allegations that he beat his wife?

Who takes the seat in Buffalo: Tom Reynolds or self-financed Republican-turned-Democrat Jack Davis?

Could singer John Hall upset Rep. Sue Kelly?

In the city, how close does Stephen Harrison get to Vito Fossella?

What do the blogs say about Joe Lieberman’s comeback in Connecticut?

If Bob Menendez hangs on in New Jersey, how quickly will this stuff go away?

And of course…What are the headlines in tomorrow’s tabs?

— Azi Paybarah

A Few Questions