A Glamorous New Minarik

So here’s a new wrinkle in the guessing game of who will replace Stephen Minarik as state Republican chair.

Along with the usually mentioned names – Nassau County Leader Joe Mondello, President Nixon’s son-in-law Ed Cox, and Joe Bruno’s aide Ed Lurie – comes another one from a Republican consultant who swears it’s not a put-on:

Jeanine Pirro.

Me: Isn’t she damaged goods?

Consultant: She did better than anybody else did on Tuesday.

This consultant said that if the FBI investigation into Pirro’s alleged wiretapping of her husband goes nowhere, she would be able to play the victim more credibly than she was ever able to during the campaign. The consultant pointed out that she hasn’t wasted a second getting her face on Fox News as a commentator. And after her crucible of an attorney general campaign, how hard can a party chairmanship be?

I suppose all this really shows is that there is no clear front-runner for the job of cleaning of the mess that is now the state Republican Party. Any additional nominations are welcome.

— Azi Paybarah

A Glamorous New Minarik