A Monument to Charles Schumer

When Harry Reid first tapped Chuck Schumer to lead the DSCC back in 2005, Republicans were still riding a wave of popularity. But an extreme reversal in the political climate, coupled with Schumer’s success in recruiting good candidates, has made for much more lofty ambitions. Gains are now a given. The question is simply whether the pick-up will be three seats — probably the minimum required for this year to be judged a success — or something between that and six, the number the Democrats need to attain a majority.

Back in June, Schumer told me that the barometer had already changed significantly.

“When I took it in 05 I said to Harry, a bad year we’ll lose three, a moderate year we’ll stay even and in a good year we’ll pick up two. Now that’s changed. A bad year now will be staying even. A moderate year pick up one or two and a good year we pick up three or more.”

Here’s what DSCC spokesman Phil Singer told me today:

“We are a lot closer than anybody ever thought we would be but we are not there yet, and we are going to keep on working as hard as we possibly can until Election Day. Nobody is popping any champagne yet.”

And here, for the hell of it, is the assessment of always-enthusiastic Democratic fund-raiser and TV talking head Robert Zimmerman:

“If the Democrats pick up four, Schumer’s going to get pats on the back. Five, he gets a parade. If it’s all six — they’re going to build him a statue.”

— Jason Horowitz

A Monument to Charles Schumer