All About the Money

As those inconvenient details about pre-Sept 11 Rudy Giuliani begin recirculating, it’s worth noting how the mayor’s supporters intent to get around all of that.

Here’s what Marc Rotterman, a southern political operative who is supportive of Giuliani’s presidential efforts, told me about why he’s earning support from Republicans across the country.

“You got to put him in the top tier going into the game,” said Rotterman. “I think it’s very serious.”

“I think after the recent elections, the Republican Party is looking for a leader who is fiscally conservative, who has the ability to pull people together and who can communicate correctly with the American people.”

When asked how Rudy was able to attract big Texas donors, Rotterman said that they were responding in particular to his success in implimenting a fiscally conservative agenda in New York.

“I think spending is going to be a key issue in 2008, in scope and size of government.”

–Jason Horowitz

All About the Money