American Apparel Opens Final NYC Store. For Now.

More bright lights in the big city.

At 3:04 p.m. on Wednesday, employees of trendy L.A.-based clothier American Apparel emerged from the brightly illuminated storefront at 142 Fifth Avenue, clapping and cheering to the beat of loud pop music blaring in the background.

One clerk carried a bullhorn. “We’re open! Finally!” announced the amplified black-clad lad named Jonny, who further identified himself as company founder and CEO Dov Charney’s illegitimate lovechild. (The Observer does not confirm nor deny that claim.)

For days, passersby would stop to glimpse inside the partially unveiled storefront at racks of tees, hoodies and undies, as well as the company’s trademark posters of employees in provocative poses. One posterior shot, visible from the location’s expansive 19th Street side, demonstrates the snug fit of the company’s cotton spandex jersey tank thong.

The Observer spotted former Cars frontman Ric Ocasek sneaking a peek through the window around 1:05 p.m. today.

The approximately 5,000-square-foot store — which operations manager Max Sugiura described as “a much cleaner version” of the national retailer’s usual layout — is the company’s 15th location in Manhattan and Brooklyn in just three years. (See our previous coverage here and here.)

Its increasing ubiquitousness has created some critics, particularly given that this latest store replaced much-beloved Weiss & Mahoney.

Good thing, then, that the sprawling franchise is now looking to slow things down a bit.

“This will be our last store in New York,” said Sugiura, “for a while.”

– Chris Shott American Apparel Opens Final NYC Store. For Now.