Bloomberg Staffs Albany

With Eliot Spitzer getting ready to move into the governor’s office – I mean, campaigning hard and taking nothing for granted – it’s worth noting the staff changes that have taken place in the mayor’s legislative office in Albany.

The following hires were all made within the last two months:

— Director of the Office – Michelle Goldstein, former director of government affairs for the MTA.

— Deputy Director of the Office – Steve Williams, former Special Assistant to the Governor for Education.

— Press Secretary for the Albany office (new position!) – Farrell Sklerov, formerly of the FDNY press office

— Legislative Representative – Christopher Gonzalez, formerly of the mayor’s office of city legislative affairs.

The emphasis here is on experience, which Bloomberg will need when negotiating with Spitzer over school funding and mayoral control.

The newly-staffed office is under the control of deputy mayor for intergovernmental affairs — and Bloomberg 2008 advocate — Kevin Sheekey.

— Azi Paybarah Bloomberg Staffs Albany