City-Bred Beauty Bar Franchise Tries To Not Sell Out

“McDive” not as ubiquitous as golden arches. Yet.

This week’s Village Voice profiles New York-based Beauty Bar‘s emergence as the “country’s first hipster bar chain.”

Yet, despite opening locations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas and Austin, owner Paul Devitt is adamant about “not looking to be the Hard Rock [Cafe].”

So he selects his new sites very carefully — in a desperate attempt to not kill the cool vibe.

Beauty Bar’s owners choose a neighborhood in each city that is on the verge and popular, but not yet over — like the Las Vegas franchise located in the Fremont section of the Strip.

What’s next for Devitt’s sprawling “Martinis and Manicures” empire? Oh, he’s going global, baby.

Devitt has his sights set on making Beauty Bar an international brand — he’s looking at spots in Toronto, Montreal, London and Tokyo while eyeing other American cities like Seattle, Miami, Philly and Chicago.

He’s also “talking with Maybelline and OPI” about creating a line of Beauty Bar nail polish.

Um, Paul, what was that you were saying about “not becoming mainstream?”

– Chris Shott

City-Bred Beauty Bar Franchise Tries To Not Sell Out