Correction received the following e-mail from Marie Tasy, the Executive Director of New Jersey Right to Life, this afternoon regarding the candidacy of Thomas Kean, Jr. for United States Senate:

The information you list about New Jersey Right to Life on the Inside Edge is incorrrect. You should also know that the Republican National Coalition for Life also disagrees with National Right to Life’s support of Tom Kean, Jr. and has issued a recent email about the subject to its supporters and members. New Jersey Right to Life PAC rejects National Right to Life PAC’s support of Pro-Abortion Senate Candidate Tom Kean, Jr. New Jersey Right to Life-PAC is not supporting either one of the major party candidates for U.S. Senate. Both Republican Tom Kean, Jr. and Democrat Robert Menendez’s voting records and declared support for abortion and life-destroying embryonic stem cell research and cloning are in direct opposition to our pro-life mission and goals and make them unacceptable to pro-life voters. New Jersey Right to Life is the state’s largest pro-life organization and is not affiliated witih National Right to Life or its PAC. We have notified our members of a third party candidate, N. Leonard Smith, who is running on a pro-life platform. We have also provided our members with the voting records of Robert Menendez and Tom Kean Jr. on the issue of life-destroying stem cell research and a rebuttal to National Right to Life’s claims to demonstrate why both Kean and Menendez’s positions should be rejected by pro-life voters.