Cuomo vs Cuomo

Now that Andrew Cuomo is moving into Eliot Spitzer’s old office, he is inheriting a number of Spitzer’s high-profile cases.

Today, the Post noted Cuomo is picking up where Spitzer left off in the lawsuit against Dick Grasso for his huge compensation package from the New York Stock Exchange.

“No one’s backing down on this one,” said one party familiar with the case.

But among the thousands of cases Cuomo inherited from Spitzer is one in which Cuomo is one of the defendants.

As Mark Green revealed during a televised debate, the AG’s office filed a lawsuit against HUD for not enforcing federal pesticide restrictions. The lawsuit was filed after Cuomo left HUD but includes the years while he was there.

It wasn’t much of a vote-getter for Green, but a lawsuit is still a lawsuit.

So what will happen with that case?

“Andrew is reviewing pending cases and it would be inappropriate for him to comment on ongoing cases and matters in the AGs office at this time,” his spokeswoman Wendy Katz told me via email.

Update: An informed reader notes that HUD and Secretary Alphonso Jackson are the people named as defendants in the lawsuit. But it does cover the years when Cuomo led the agency, which makes his prosecution of the case so interesting.

— Azi Paybarah

Cuomo vs Cuomo