Cuomo’s speech

Andrew Cuomo just delivered his victory speech in front of the entire Cuomo clan, including his father, who was beaming at the wing.

He thanked Jeanine Pirro for her “commitment to public service” and promised that as New York’s Attorney General he will be the “great equalizer.”

He said that he would work to protect New Yorkers civil rights and fight senseless gun violence.

“I will never back down, I will never give up,” he said, vowing to answer the call of people who “want their state government cleaned up.”

He then walked off the stage to the song “Don’t stop believing.”

This was all a marked difference from his acceptance speech in the primary. After delivering his rousing remarks, none other than Alan Hevesi was helped onto the stage by Mario Cuomo and asked to say a few words. Who would have thought then that Hevesi would be forced to celebrate across town tonight in a Madison Ave hotel?

–Jason Horowitz

Cuomo’s speech