Elsewhere: Ed Bradley, Elections

Ed Bradley of 60 minutes died.

Tuesday’s congressional elections were a major coup for “those who pushed for a fearless, genuinely oppositional Dem posture on national security issues early in the cycle,” says Greg Sargent.

Taking credit for Republican Rep. Sue Kelly’s loss: Richard French and Stephen Colbert.

Ben finds George Pataki’s presidential campaign office.

The son of Albany’s longtime mayor is joining a politically connected firm in Albany, a sign of the power shift in that city, says Liz.

Urban Elephants has a message for some of Tuesday’s winners:

“although you may have fooled some of the people this year by bleating some conservative mantras and because the people were angry with their shepherds, your wolfen fangs will surely be revealed over the next 2 years.”

Early & Often expands on our brief analysis of how well the anti-tax message worked here.

Here is how some court cases affected the elections.

And above is Adam Green with his John Murtha hand puppet.

Belated Update: The mayor’s Deputy Press Secretary Jennifer Falk is leaving to become the Executive Director of the Union Square Partnership.

— Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: Ed Bradley, Elections