Elsewhere: Hillary, Callaghan’s Driver


John Sweeney’s wife briefly discussed the incident in her home which led her to call 911. And Liz has the script for the new ad she’s doing [added].

A Republican congressional candidate in the neighboring upstate district subsequently endorsed Sweeney’s Democratic opponent, calling it an “act of conscience.” That other Republican, Warren Redlich, went on to say Sweeney is “what’s wrong with Washington.”

Hillary Clinton said John Kerry’s “botched joke” about students who don’t study getting “stuck” in Iraq was inappropriate.

Some of those stuck soldiers offer their own response.

Ben explains that Freddy Ferrer joining a mostly-Republican consulting firm means “Freddy is showing about as much loyalty to his party that many of its prominent figures showed him.”

Eliot Spitzer’s campaign gave $250,000 to the Working Families Party.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver – who doesn’t have a race, does he? – received $669,116 in contributions.

Sue Kelley tries making an issue of John Hall’s stock portfolio.

Early and Often notes that Alan Hevesi isn’t the only one with chauffeur problems.

And pictured above is the guy driving Chris Callaghan’s Tax-Less Express, pictured — strangely enough — between two cars from Hillary Clinton’s motorcade outside the Poughkeepsie Journal.

— Azi Paybarah

Elsewhere: Hillary, Callaghan’s Driver