Elsewhere: Hillary, Empire Zone, The Future


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Hillary Clinton told supporters upstate that she is “so relieved and so exhausted” after this campaign season.

Not that she broke much a sweat anywhere during the campaign, but Hillary beat John Spencer in Yonkers, where he was mayor.

The Fix says she’s the candidate most likely to win the Democratic nomination, but… “From a policy perspective, she may be vulnerable. Clinton’s stance on the war in Iraq is out of step with many in the Democratic base, and she is clearly vulnerable to a challenge from someone who has been opposed to the war from the start.”

Wesley Clark may announce whether he’ll run for president in two months.

There are exactly 448,077 who voted against Joe Lieberman…in two elections.

The fate of the Times campaign blog, Empire Zone, is uncertain now that the 2006 races are over.

Also uncertain is the fate of Gifford Miller, who lost the 2005 mayoral election pretty soundly, but was just spotted chatting with likely 2009 mayoral contender Bill Thompson in Puerto Rico.

Ben has memories of people talking about impeaching George Bush and Dick Cheney.

Kos tells James Carville to quiet down after the Ragin’ Cajun said Howard Dean should be replaced as head of the DNC.

Steven Malanga of City Journal says there is no pot of gold in DC for the city’s congressional delegation.

New York typically ranked number one in per capita spending for social programs. By contrast, Mississippi (to take Rangel’s example) received about 25 percent less per capita in social program spending than New York, though Mississippi has a higher poverty rate.

And pictured above is the upcoming New York Times Sunday Magazine post-election issue.

— Azi Paybarah

Elsewhere: Hillary, Empire Zone, The Future