Elsewhere: Hillary, Obama, Skurnik

Glenn Thrush notes some interesting contributions to Hillary Clinton’s PAC, including $12,000 in October from a handful of health care providers in Georgia, Arizona and Pennsylvania.

In a speech today, Barack Obama said that “there are no good options left in this war” in Iraq.

Jerry Skurnik looked at diversity in judicial races, which is a focal point in the debate about whether to elect judges through primaries or conventions.

Ballots were sent out today to members of the Transport Workers Union who have a president to elect.

The military draft probably won’t come back, says Chuck Schumer.

Day 1, everything exchanges. Except maybe the economy.

Fox News cancelled the OJ Simpson “If I Did It” television special.

The debate coach at Jerry Falwell’s university joined John McCain‘s exploratory committee.

And above is Adam Green.

— Azi Paybarah

Elsewhere: Hillary, Obama, Skurnik