Elsewhere: Kind Words, Rudy

Mike Bloomberg said Rudy should just “go for it” and run in 2008 because he would “probably be a good president.”

Speaking of nice words, Alan Hevesi’s lawyer once had some for Eliot Spitzer.

And here are some more: “Eliot Spitzer would be a great running mate for Barack Obama.”

Wayne Barrett didn’t have any for Democrats, writing that “the GOP senate victory was also a commentary on the calamity of Democratic strategy and resolve, even in a year of historic opportunity.”

Karl Rove may be leaving the White House sooner than expected.

Barack Obama wants the negative robo calls to be outlawed.

The red and blue voting map of the country now looks like this.

Reporters, accused of being too kind to Democrats, often respond by being more aggressive under Democratic administrations.

Powerlines has kind things to say about Rudy, John McCain and Mitt Romney, but saves some praise for a fourth major candidate who may emerge to win the GOP nomination.

That fourth candidate will not be Rick Santorum.

And above is a group of John Hall supporters.

— Azi Paybarah

Elsewhere: Kind Words, Rudy