Elsewhere: McCain, Azzopardi, Janison


Chuck Todd thinks John McCain will save the GOP.

Whose fault is it that the Democrats didn’t win the state Senate?

Kos wants to know what readers think about the leadership job being done by Howard Dean, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Rahm Emanuel.

Greg Sargent doesn’t like the prevailing Joe Lieberman narrative.

An anonymous blogger wants to keep track of Eliot Spitzer’s Day One plans for changing Albany.

Wonkster explains why the city likes charter schools, but isn’t thrilled about the Julia Richman Educational Complex.

The AP has more on our item about Emily Pataki and the bar exam, rightly noting that both John F. Kennedy Jr. and Dennis Vacco failed on their first attempts too.

Welcome to Rich Azzopardi, the Senate Democrats’ new press person.

And pictured above is Newsday’sDan Janison with a bottle of ale.

— Azi Paybarah

Elsewhere: McCain, Azzopardi, Janison