Elsewhere: Rudy, McCain, Turkey

The state Senate released a list of pork-barrel projects they funded from two and three years ago. The 3,200 file is so big, apparently, “that the computer in the Empire Zone’s Albany branch can barely open it.”

Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn announced the formation of a Food Policy Task Force to provide healthy food options in underserved communities.

One of George Pataki’s closest advisers is expected to be announced as the new Finance Committee Secretary in the state Senate.

A delay in the Atlantic Yards projects may mean Eliot Spitzer can play a bigger role on that issue, according to Daily Gotham.

Rudy Giuliani and John McCain are in a statistical dead heat for the GOP presidential nomination, according to this poll by the Opinion Research Corporation.

Andrew Sullivan wants to know how the pollsters did in projecting this year’s elections.

Rahm Emanuel said he’ll “hide under the desk if both” Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama ran in 2008.

And above is a very unofficial commercial for John McCain.

We’re taking off Thursday and Friday but reserve the right to post if something spectacular happens.

Enjoy your turkey.

— Azi Paybarah

Elsewhere: Rudy, McCain, Turkey