Elsewhere: Suozzi, Bad Press Jobs


Tom Suozzi is backing Alan Hevesi for re-election.

John McCain endorsed Chris Callaghan.

Jonathan Miller, who wrote a story in this week’s Observer about the relationships between Senator Bob Menendez and hard-line anti-Castro activists, has more here on a related group of hard-liners recently called before a grand jury in Newark. The group includes one prominent Menendez fund-raiser and an employee of another Menendez supporter who died in 2000.

Bob Corker, Menendez and Sheldon Whitehouse all have double-digit leads in their Senate races.

Aides to Tom Reynolds got tips on how to manage the Mark Foley fall out two days before the story became public, indicating, again, that the congressman’s office was aware of the issue.

The state Senate Democrats are paying for only one ad this year, and it’s for Andrea Stewart-Cousins.

Rudy Giuliani leads John McCain in a recent Florida poll, but trails him in another poll out in Michigan.

Greg Sargent critiques the Times’ coverage of John Kerry’s Iraq comment.

Another site wonders whose job sucks more: press flack for George Allen or John Kerry.

Jerry Skurnik writes about a judicial race in which “for reasons that are both too complicated and murky, there is no Democratic candidate for the other slot.”

And pictured above is Borat.

— Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: Suozzi, Bad Press Jobs