Elsewhere: Thompson, Gore, Ways & Means


Bill Thompson told a local paper he didn’t want to replace Alan Hevesi because, basically, he couldn’t run for mayor from an office in Albany.

Andrew Sullivan warns against underestimating Al Gore.

Greg Sargent wonders why CNN called Rudy Giuliani a “moderate conservative.”

Sue Kelly conceded her race, finally, to John Hall. But she wants the ballot counting to continue for “historic purposes.”

Long after Andrea Stewart-Cousins declared victory, Nick Spano also conceded.

Ben says that nobody lost too badly in the Hoyer-Murtha House Leadership race. Which, if true, is a fortunate outcome for Anthony Weiner.

The city got $650 million to build schools.

Wikkipedia is no longer blocked in China.

The face of Alarming News’s Karol Sheinin is revealed.

Joe Crowley and Greg Meeks both want a seat on the Ways and Means Committee.

And pictured above may be one of the last times we see a ballot on a mechanical voting machine. Thank you WFP.

— Azi Paybarah

Elsewhere: Thompson, Gore, Ways & Means