[em]Fortune[/em]: Mr. Serwer Goes to “Mr. [Something] Goes to Washington”

New Fortune managing editor Andy Serwer takes a co-byline on an interview with newish Treasury secretary Henry Paulson. The headline on all this newness? “Mr. Paulson Goes to Washington.” (It refers to a 1939 Frank Capra film titled Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, in which Jimmy Stewart plays a humble and idealistic senator.)

Who else might Mr. Paulson meet on the shuttle bus from Dulles?

Mr. Cohen Goes to Washington
The Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN), Nov. 12

Mr. Walz Goes to Washington
Winona Daily News (Winona, MN), Nov. 12

Mr. Sires Goes to Washington
The Hudson Reporter (Hudson County, NJ), Nov. 10

Mr. Richards Goes to Washington
The Hutchinson News (Hutchinson, KS), Nov. 10

Mr. Ed Goes to Washington
Townhall.com, Nov. 8

Mr. Bland Goes to Washington

The New York Times (New York, NY), Nov. 7

Mr. Bradley Goes to Washington
Sapulpa Daily Herald (Sapulpa, OK), Nov. 4

Mr. King Goes to Washington
The Manning Times (Manning, SC), Oct. 26

Mr. DiBacco Goes to Washington
The Journal (Martinsburg, WV), Oct. 23

Mr. Saxton Goes to Washington
The Sandy Post (Sandy, OR), Oct. 19

Mr. Handsome Goes to Washington?
Radar Online, Oct. 17 [em]Fortune[/em]: Mr. Serwer Goes to “Mr. [Something] Goes to Washington”