Equal or Better Than Hevesi. Hopefully.


Alan Hevesi’s campaign has just rolled out yet more statements of qualified support from Democrats. The latest batch includes comments from Rep. Charlie Rangel, Rev. Floyd Flake and former City Council Speaker Peter Vallone, Sr. [statements after the jump]

Each of the canned comments is formulated in pretty much the same way, saying that X official doesn’t believe Republican Christopher Callaghan is qualified to be comptroller and that X official would therefore be voting for Hevesi, without ever making mention of the word “endorsement.”

I called Vallone to ask if there was anything to this. Here’s what he said:

“Of course I’m endorsing him. I’m not endorsing Callaghan.”

At the same time, Vallone made it clear that his endorsement of Hevesi only counts for so much.

When asked about whether Hevesi should stay in office for a full term, Vallone told me, “That has to work itself out. My endorsement and statement is strictly based upon the fact that Alan Hevesi is supremely qualified over the guy running against him.”

He added, “What happens later on, we have to assume that whoever takes his place will be equal or better, hopefully.”

Update: Speaking of qualified support, Jewish Press endorsed Hevesi over Callaghan saying, “The better choice is Alan Hevesi and whatever develops, develops.”

— Azi Paybarah

Hevesi Campaign Releases Statements from Reverend Floyd Flake, Congressman Charles B. Rangel and Peter F. Vallone:

I have always respected Alan Hevesi’s work as City and State Comptroller. And Chris Callaghan, his opponent, is just not qualified to be Comptroller and manage our pension funds. On Tuesday, I’m voting for Alan Hevesi.
– Reverend Floyd Flake, former Congressman

Alan Hevesi has a good record as Comptroller. I am voting for Alan Hevesi.
– Charles B. Rangel, Congressman (15th Congressional District)

Alan Hevesi has a terrific record of accomplishment as Comptroller for both the City and State. On election day, I am casting my vote for Alan.
– Peter F. Vallone, former NYC Council Speaker

Equal or Better Than Hevesi. Hopefully.