Everyone’s a Critic

LAURIE: I am getting married in a red dress, and it has nothing to do with celebs and Africa, or the fact that red is the traditional choice for brides in China. I don’t think this is such a big deal, but some people apparently think that this is a huge deal. My general practitioner told me that she “ought to kill” me when I told her that my wedding dress was red. Really? You’d like to end my life over the color of a dress for an event that you won’t be attending? Not sure which part of the Hippocratic Oath you’re living up to there.

On the other hand, I have taken some grief for being a “June bride.” Apparently, this is the height of predictability.

A co-worker that I barely know has outlined several options for my honeymoon.

A friend of my parents recently informed me that save-the-date mailings are a huge waste of time, money and energy.

One person tried to talk me into having the wedding reception in the rehearsal dinner venue. Another has tried to convince me that my plans for the rehearsal dinner will be “too much work.”

I am probably a bit (or a lot) too sensitive, but I ask, is there any other life event for which the planner receives so much unsolicited criticism masquerading as advice?

Everyone’s a Critic