Ferrer Rumors

The rumor that Eliot Spitzer has approached Freddy Ferrer about an appointment as Secretary of State has been making the rounds for weeks now. We first heard about it on Oct 25th, and when I asked Ferrer in an email, he wrote back that day with a clear cut “no.”

On the 29th, the New York Post ran a story suggesting otherwise. Ferrer wrote me to deny the story.

“With respect to today’s story, the answer is still ‘no,'” he wrote. “No one from the Post ever called or contacted me about this.”

Today New York Magazine has David Paterson saying “it’s still live” and adds some interesting backstory as to why the appointment is a plausible one.

This time, so far, Ferrer isn’t responding to a request for comment.

–Jason Horowitz Ferrer Rumors