Fox News: The Newspaper

The Washington Times, which mounts even less of an effort to mask its partisan leanings than the Fox News Channel, is an occasional source of amusement with its breathless adherence to the GOP message machine. Like this morning’s if-we-keep-repeating-it-maybe-we-can-make-it-so headline:

Kerry gaffe loses independents for his party

It makes us wonder how the paper will handle what will probably be very bad news for the GOP today. Suppose the Democrats win, say, 35 seats in the House and take back the Senate – essentially the doomsday scenario for the GOP. What will the headline read on tomorrow’s Washington Times front page? Some suggestions:

Lugar, Hatch cruise in Indiana and Utah; Hastert easily re-elected to Illinois seat

or maybe:

Democrats take control of Congress – Pelosi yet to rule changing flag design to hammer and sickle. Fox News: The Newspaper