Friends Like These

With pressure from Eliot Spitzer and George Pataki for Alan Hevesi to resign, it’s worth noting that even
relatively supportive editorial boards, like that of the Staten Island Advance, are urging him to go.

Citing an audit by Hevesi which uncovered Medicaid payments made on behalf of dead patients, the editors

“It’s just another example of the excellent job Mr. Hevesi has been doing on behalf of state taxpayers for the last four years as the state’s top financial watchdog. His administration has been the most proactive and aggressive of any comptroller’s in recent memory and it has gotten positive results time after time.

“This kind of superb work makes it all the more unfortunate that Mr. Hevesi will ultimately have to leave office, even though he was re-elected handily last week.”


“Gov.-elect Spitzer says he wants to allow the process to proceed, but that sets the stage for Mr. Hevesi to begin a new term and then face messy impeachment proceedings. Mr. Spitzer and the state, focused on reform, don’t need that. Neither, at this point, does Mr. Hevesi. He should resign and clear the decks for a new comptroller to be appointed by the legislature. And he should do that soon.”

— Azi Paybarah

Friends Like These