Hevesi Gets a Mandate Too

In announcing his transition team this morning, Eliot Spitzer also explained that he thinks his strongest weapon in dealing with Sheldon Silver and Joe Bruno will be Tuesday’s mandate.

“The numbers Tuesday night I think reflect a breath of support I will use to my advantage, I hope, when I sit down with Shelly Silver, Joe Bruno and many other legislative leaders and say to them and say ‘Here is the mandate that has been given to us. It’s not a mandate I carry as an individual. It’s a mandate the public has imposed upon us.'”

Spitzer went on to say that the mandate “is the greatest strength the governor has and I intend to use it.”

It’s the same argument being made, interestingly, by Alan Hevesi, who is arguing that the number of voters that chose to return him to office should sort of inoculate him from being removed from office — by, say, Eliot Spitzer –for his chauffeur indiscretions.

I asked Spitzer spokesman Christine Anderson if she felt Hevesi was deliberately appropriating Spitzer’s argument.

Her answer: “We don’t speak for him.”

— Azi Paybarah Hevesi Gets a Mandate Too