In Today’s Observer

Jason Horowitz talks to Ned Lamont and his supporters about a campaign that hasn’t gone exactly as they had hoped.

Choire Sicha and John Koblin report on Obamamania and how it seems a lot more real to Barack Obama’s people than it does to Hillary Clinton’s.

Azi Paybarah writes about Alan Hevesi’s turmoil and the late campaign push he’s getting from his remaining institutional supporters.

Joe Conason says that conservatives are trying to claim victory ahead of expected GOP losses, and that one very important major media outlet is buying it.

Jonathan Miller reports on the relationships between Robert Menendez and some hard-line anti-Castro activists.

Steve Kornacki explains why Joe Lieberman is going to be a major power broker in the Senate after Election Day.

And Richard Brookhiser doesn’t think the Democrats, if elected, will be able to do any better in Iraq.

— Josh Benson

In Today’s Observer