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Now comes the hard part for Eliot Spitzer: dealing with Sheldon Silver and Joe Bruno. As Horowitz reports, Spitzer and David Paterson think that the whole “three men in a room” thing is going to change drastically once they get into office. Other officials beg to differ.

Choire follows Hillary Clinton during her relaxed and highly intimate last week of campaigning and suggests that it was a self-imposed form of house arrest.

Rebecca Dana watches the Democratic rout on Election Night with Brit Hume and the gang at Fox.

John Koblin has a rueful explanation of Republican catastrophe in New York from a resigned John Spencer.

Steve Kornacki, who knows just a little too much about who’s in and who’s out with Nancy Pelosi, says that Charlie Rangel and other New Yorkers are now in great shape in the House, but at least two – Ed Towns and Joe Crowley – aren’t.

Niall Stanage writes about the bright possibility that Eliot Spitzer will destroy the legislative redistricting process as we know it.

And Joe Conason thinks the campaign tactics of the national GOP merit a serious rebuke.

— Josh Benson

In Today’s Observer