In Today’s Observer

Chuck Schumer tells Jason Horowitz that the biggest failing of the Democrats in the Senate was allowing Sam Alito onto the Supreme Court. He speaks up (now that the election is over) about his support for a controversial Iraq strategy. And he talks about his upcoming Democratic manifesto, to be entitled “Positively American: Winning Back the Middle Class Majority One Family at a Time.”

Tom Scocca catches up with Tom Friedman in China, and sees him tell a crowd of Chinese readers that the 2008 election will be about… China. (See, also, Tom Friedman’s column today on China.)

Rebecca Dana writes about that weird Election Night exit poll quarantine room.

Joe Conason thinks Nancy Pelosi is too close to John Murtha.

Steve Kornacki thinks Pelosi’s opponents underestimate her in-fighting ability at their peril.

And Sara Vilomerson and John Koblin write about the surprising direction in which Jim Dolan has taken the Knicks.

— Josh Benson In Today’s Observer