Introducing Ali…

ALI: It’s 12:24 am on a Thursday night and I have just sent my “List of Q’s” to the wedding

ALI: It’s 12:24 am on a Thursday night and I have just sent my “List of Q’s” to the wedding coordinator. The wedding’s three months away. I have my dress, veil, shoes, invitations, venue, band, BM’s dresses, makeup artist (found her at MAC counter at Bloomies; she’s fab), honeymoon night hotel here in the city, hair accessories…but there’s so much more I need to zero in on. As I have learned, my coordinator is really just the executor of my vision. I’m the one who’s wheeling and dealing it!

Dear Coordinator peeps Team:
Here are some things that crossed my mind, as well as a few general Q’s:

Entryway re: coat check staircases–
In addition to branches and escort cards, I would like to see white lights intertwined there. The kind that are really nice are the ones that Slooowly fade in and out; the fade control comes on the actual wire, just like Xmas lights.

Aisle Runner–
I would like it to run up over the stage stairs, all the way to under our feet and the rabbi’s feet, so we are on soft ground. Also, we didn’t really speak of what the decorating elements will be that surround or bedeck the runner itself. Our initials on the runner? Snow along the edges? Give me some ideas here please.

Also, half way down the aisle there could be tall flower vases on “iron stems”, which would echo the street lamps nicely, dripping over with flowers that smell really great. I feel we need something to add a lushness to this wide open space of rows of chairs. FORGOT TO TELL YOU: I am a huge fan of eucalyptis.

Will it have a “ceiling”? How will the snow blowers project snow upon our heads if there is a ceiling on chuppah? It can’t be enclosed on top.

Rows of chairs–
I would like to see heavy-duty candles at the foot of each aisle chair, each row on both left and right.

Tables–I know you approve of the venue’s white table cloths, but we didn’t speak of runners or other ways to embellish the table. Is this caterer/rentals area?

The white velvet curtains will be fine, but I feel like our use of them is leaning towards flat. Let’s try to incorporate the billowy feeling of windy winter, a la snow blowing thru the room. When I said “rococo” I meant rich and full and lush in the billowy sense, regal even, think: magical. How can we get more billowy?

I am so tired it’s 12:30am~~

thanks Coordinator peeps Team.

til soon,

Introducing Ali…