King vs Newsday

Pete King says he is completely confident that he will win reelection tonight, and he is still trying to figure out why, aside from a couple of questionable polls, anyone ever thought he was in trouble.

His answer: It was Newsday.

“It’s five hours to the polls, but based on everything I know, as of 4:35 this is a campaign totally contrived by Newsday,” he said.

He said the reports of his fund-raising were greatly downplayed in the paper while the reports of money raised by his opponent, Dave Mejias, were inflated. He pointed out that neither, NARAL or any other national liberal organizations even got behind Mejias, as far as he could see.

“And also you haven’t seen any poll released by him,” King said. “And I know he has taken polls.”

So, in King’s calculations, that leaves Newsday.

“I have something to say tonight about Newsday , and it is not going to be a rant, it is going to be something fairly thoughtful, I hope, on what they have done here.”

When told about King’s comments suggesting that Newsday exaggerated the competitiveness of Mejias’ campaign, John Mancini, the paper’s editor, said, “We disagree strongly.”

“All we have done,” Mancini said, “is cover a Congressional race on Long Island.”

–Jason Horowitz

King vs Newsday