KJ For Who?

Isac is getting us into trouble today.

The mayor’s office says that the only time the Mayor met with the KJ leaders was at a governmental meeting where he in no way made or lobbied for a Congressional endorsement.

Stu Loeser sent us over this exchange from City Hall today.

Reporter: One of the tight congressional races in New York involves Sue Kelly. Have you campaigned for her?

Mayor: It involves who?

Reporter: Sue Kelly.

Mayor: Yes, I’ve campaigned for Sue Kelly. She’s been there when we’ve needed her and I think she’s been a good congressperson and deserves to get reelected. I thought she’s done a good job. She’d been there a number of times when this city has had issues in Washington and she’s tried to come through as much as she can. Yes, sir?

Some readers have had other interesting reactioins to the KJ item I posted earlier.

Here’s one email:

“You report today from Isac that KJ has endorsed Hall is not 100% accurate, what KJ plans to do is let a rumor roll that they endorsed Hall, and on the day of election tell all there voters to vote for Sue Kelly.

They are playing a trick here, to avoid embarrassment in case Hall wins.”

And another:

“You have the wrong Eliot delivering the KJ vote to Hall. It was Congressman Eliot Engel. Check with your sources inside KJ.”

If anybody has more information on what really happened, let us know.

–Jason Horowitz

KJ For Who?