Wrong Side Of the Tracks

To the Editor:

Although I have no problem whatsoever with Sara Vilkomerson badmouthing Long Islanders and New Jersey denizens, I do take umbrage with her stereotypical representation of Westchester residents [“Beneath Their Stations,” The Observatory, Nov. 6]. Yes, there are pockets of extreme wealth in Westchester; however, the county overall is middle- and working-class. Income statistics are misleading, since the entire N.Y.C. metro area—New Jersey and Long Island included—skew to the upper extreme. It would be nice if a New York City writer could one day give an accurate portrait of Westchester County. (I might also add that Fairfield County is highly working- and middle-class, too.) If you’d grown up in Westchester or Fairfield, you’d have known about the pattern along the Metro North New Haven line, in which, starting from the Bronx, the towns alternate from working-class to wealthy: Mount Vernon, Pelham, New Rochelle, Larchmont, Mamaroneck, Rye, Port Chester, etc.…

Just keep all this in mind next time.

Ben Brofman

Mamaroneck, N.Y.

To the Editor:

Ms. Vilkomerson’s article was entertaining, although slightly exaggerated, and the people she quoted were right on, if not extreme representations from each side. Ms. Vilkomerson did happen to omit the fact that these same Long Island naysayers don’t seem to be complaining about my dreaded little island when they’re soaking up the sun in the Hamptons all summer long and clogging up our train lines. Plus, there are a lot of city folk who love to hate us, yet love to flood our amazing South Shore beaches with their wonderful presences. I just hope Ms. Vilkomerson’s depiction of our dreadful residents and the yahoo company we keep deters others from further junking up my beachfront community.

Matt Scheiner

Long Beach, N.Y. Letters