Lieberman Camp Cautious

Running as an independent has offered Joe Lieberman the advantage of broad, bi-partisan voters. The downside, of course, is that his name doesn’t appear until way down on the ballot.

Dan Gerstein, Lieberman’s spokesman, says that 1,200 volunteers have been dispatched to outside polling stations to hand out information to inform voters know where to find the Senator.

He said that some anecdotal feedback he has heard suggests that voters already know where Lieberman’s name appears.

“It looks like that message got through,” he said.

He said that the campaign’s latest internal polls show Lieberman ahead by about nine points. But, given the tempestuous nature of Connecticut politics, he conceded that anything could change.

“If certain things go Lamont’s way,” he said, “we could lose this race.”

–Jason Horowitz Lieberman Camp Cautious