Lieberman Still Up, Comfortably

Today’s Quinnipiac poll =out of Connecticut has Joe Lieberman leading Ned Lamont 49-37% among likely voters, with the Republican candidate Alan Schlesinger at 8%.

In the Oct. 20th Q poll, Lieberman led Lamont 52-35%.

Lieberman leads Lamont among likely Republican voters (73-6), Democratic voters (56-37) and among independent voters (51-36).

Q pollster Douglas Schwartz said Lamont’s hopes of victory are, unfortunately, tied to Schlesinger.

“For Ned Lamont to catch Sen. Joseph Lieberman, he needs Alan Schlesinger to break out of single digits and take away Republican votes from Lieberman.”

What are the odds of that?

— Azi Paybarah Lieberman Still Up, Comfortably