Meet the Junebug Weddings Contest Winner!

SHALINI: I received an email informing me that I was a JUNEBUG WEDDINGS CONTEST WINNER ($500 gift certificate to Tulip, one of my favorite Seattle boutiques). This made up for my car getting towed last week and the $230 ticket/towing fee. It doesn’t stop there. Junebug has another great contest on their website this month:

Visit on or before Dec.15th and enter to win a luxurious spa package from Frenchy’s Day Spa, including Frenchy’s favorite manicure, pedicure, facial and one hour massage

It’s a rainy day here in Seattle but I have a lot to do today:

My goal for today is to make Martha Stewart’s Mac & Cheese for dinner. Since X is vegetarian, I’ll have to substitute some tofu delicacy for the ham. Maybe if we quaff some red wine, it will make up for the calorie excess. I’ll walk over to Madison Market, our local coop, later to search out something suitable.

I need to figure out my ring size – I think I’m a 4.5 but I’m not too sure. And since X is ordering the ring off the internet, we want to be sure. We’re leaning towards this platinum ring with 3.5 carat green moissanite gems. X and I discussed wedding/reception plans yesterday. We’re thinking of having a Hindu Wedding Ceremony and Wedding Reception in New York on 9/15/07. My parents live in Long Island and X has relatives living in New Hampshire – so this should be convenient. We’re also thinking of having a Seattle Reception on 9/23/07 for those of our friends who can’t make it out to New York. I proposed having a champagne brunch and having all sorts of sparkling wine there – cremant, champagne, prosecco, sparkling red wine, etc.

We’ll see!

Meet the Junebug Weddings Contest Winner!