New York House Numbers

There are as yet no projected winners in the five most closely-watched House races in New York.

Democrats Mike Arcuri in the 24th District and Kristen Gillibrand in the 20th have jumped out to narrow early leads. Both seats have been eyed lustily by national Democrats as part of their effort to wrest the House from the GOP. Also, Dan Maffei, a former Congressional aide, is running even with incumbent Republican Jim Walsh in the Syracuse-area 25th District, and Eric Massa is slightly behind Republican incumbent Randy Kuhl in the 29th District.

With about 10 percent of the vote in, Tom Reynolds, the chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, holds an eight-point edge over Democrat Jack Davis in the 26th District, where the results figure to say something about the locals’ response to Reynolds’ role in the Mark Foley affair.

— Steve Kornacki New York House Numbers