No Hail Mary, but a Silver Lining


Don’t expect any last-minute attacks on Hillary Clinton from John Spencer in these waning days of the campaign.

“We’re running a campaign on principles,” Spencer’s spokesman Rob Ryan told me. “We’re talking about issues that are core republican issues, and we’re talking about Senator Clinton’s failure to properly serve the people of New York.”

“It’s obviously a tough year for Republicans in New York State and for that matter, nationally. So we’re going to make the best effort possible. This has been an issue-oriented campaign and it’s going to remain one. And we’ll see what happens on Election Day.”

How bad is it this year?

Ryan said, “This is pretty much what it was like 30 years ago. It was 1976, you were coming out of Watergate, Nelson Rockefeller was out of New York State and no longer governor…this is the state things were in.” But, he said it’s times like these that “open up the shot at rebuilding.”

— Azi Paybarah No Hail Mary, but a Silver Lining