Notorious Tavern Morphs Into Suds-Slinging Diner

Will the new neon ever attract as many TV crews?

The Villager reports this week that Soho’s most infamous hangout, The Falls, has been replaced by Midnight Cafe II–a spin-off of a diner located just two doors down on Lafayette Street.

To cleanse the grounds of any enduring negative public sentiment, owners Hardial and Amarjit Singh apparently sought the blessing of the family of slain barhopper Imette St. Guillen.

For the benefit of those who’ve completely ignored the news for the past year, The Falls, which closed in May, is the last place that the young John Jay College co-ed was seen alive this past February. A bouncer who worked at the bar is charged with her murder.

In the weeks after her killing, the Dorrian-family-owned hotspot became the backdrop for numerous anti-bar protests and political press conferences. Some Soho activists even cited the incident as an example of an oversaturation of boozy businesses in the neighborhood.

Strange, then, how the new tenant, in fact, also serves alcohol.

Not a full liquor license, mind you, but the place does offer beer and wine.

– Chris Shott Notorious Tavern Morphs Into Suds-Slinging Diner