Now He’s Into It

It seems, in a weird way, like David Paterson may be more involved in trying to take back the state Senate after leaving it than he ever was when he was there. (Paterson was criticized for not doing more to facilitate credible challenges for Republican seats while he was campaigning as Eliot Spitzer’s running mate.)

Today, he was named to an advisory board for a group called the Blue Tiger Democrats, an organization dedicated to grassroots party building.

According to their website, “New York’s organizations have been neglected for far too long. It is one of the reasons that the Republicans still control the State Senate.”

They also say:

“While Progressive givers from New York contribute substantially to national Democratic and Progressive causes, they have not focused much attention or given much financial support to local, city, and county organizations throughout the state. By supporting the Blue Tiger General New York Fund, you will be providing incentive for young, passionate New Yorkers to get active by giving them productive things to do within their local organizations.”

— Azi Paybarah

Now He’s Into It