NTSB on Lidle Crash

525 E. 72nd

Where there’s a plane crash, there’s the NTSB.

Today the agency released a few conclusions from their ongoing investigation of the Cory Lidle plane crash from last month. Here’s what we know: The plane should have had 2,100 feet of clearance space from buildings on the east side but because (1) the plane was flying mid-river near Roosevelt Island and (2) a light wind, the plane had only 1,300 feet of clearance.

The result: the plane would have needed an “aggressive” turn to avoid a crash and, well, that didn’t happen.

What we still don’t know: Was Lidle or his flight instructor the pilot? And just how aggressive did that aggressive turn need to be? Were they flying dangerously on the edge or was this just bad luck?

– John Koblin

NTSB on Lidle Crash