NYT’s Urbanite: Second Only To ‘Borat’

Deputy managing editor and digital honcho Jon Landman sent a staff memo around the New York Times today, offically announcing Urbanite, “a daily newsletter devoted to some of the best stuff to do in New York today.” It is, he writes, “the second-biggest premiere in New York this week.” Edited by Arts & Leisure chief Ariel Kaminer, and written by former Boldfacer Melena Ryzik—writer, reporter, and snappy dresser—,the daily mailer has already made headlines this week on Jossip.

The “second-biggest premiere” status places the newsletter’s debut below Borat—but above Volver! The memo follows.

To: The Staff
From: Jonathan Landman

November 3, 2006

It’s got to be the second-biggest premiere in New York this
week: Urbanite has arrived.

What’s Urbanite?

In its own words, “a daily newsletter devoted to some of the
best stuff to do in New York today – from culture to style to food to
nightlife, from the upscale to the underground. Based on selections
from NYTimes.com (with some bonuses thrown in), it’ll be a handy cheat
sheet to enlightenment, adventure and fun.”

It’s also a first step toward something bigger: Our ambition
to be the people New Yorkers turn to for help finding useful and
interesting things – events, facts, places, analysis, clothing,
literature, tickets, conversation, whatever – on their computers, cell
phones or devices yet to be invented. It goes without saying that
these kinds of ambitions aren’t limited to New York.

The first issue landed in e-mail boxes this morning with
advice on what to do if you’re hungry for Kazakh cuisine (there are no
Kazakh restaurants in New York – who knew?) and news on the end of the
CMJ Music Marathon and the beginning of the real marathon.

(The first-biggest premiere? Hint in previous paragraph.)

Congratulations to Melena Ryzik, Ariel Kaminer, author and
editor, and on the web side, Dan Saltzstein, Mike Foley, Rebecca
Paterson, Nicole Mobley, Sha Li and Irene Kors.

If you haven’t subscribed, you can do so here.

NYT’s Urbanite: Second Only To ‘Borat’